When Thamara Zijlstra asked me to help one of her students following het virtual assistant training with an internship, I agreed right away. I strongly believe in the power of internships. I expected I would have to invest quite some time in coaching, but I was pleasantly surprised by Ester. Her communication style is pleasant, clear and concise. Because of this I knew exactly what I could expect from her and when.

Ghost blog

The assignment consisted of the complete execution of a ghost blog. Ester researched and wrote the blog. Incorporated my feedback, posted the blog on my website and found the perfect visual to go with it.

Ester knows the perfect balance between working independently and having a quick chat to clarify instructions. Furthermore, she surprised me with providing me with extra service by analyzing my ‘about me’ page. Her feedback was invaluable and I optimized my page accordingly.

Great sparring partner

Ester knows her stuff and knows what to focus on while writing online copy. She is thorough in her research and is very committed. She communicates in a clear way, so your expectations are managed perfectly. She is dedicated to you and your business. This makes her a great sparring partner for any entrepreneur.


Kirsten Buijvoets | Blizzard Support

Kirsten Buijvoets Blizzard Support

Ester helped me to create a social media strategy for my business, Blizzard Support. She is entrepreneurial, has a ‘ can do’ attitude and is an expert in her field. Ester used her expansive knowledge and experience to get the best results. She really got me thinking about how to position Blizzard Support and as a result I now have the perfect foundation for branding my business online.

I am very happy with Ester as my sparring partner. At the moment I am ready to build a new website and Ester is going to write all the copy. It has been such a pleasure, I can’t wait to work with her again.