Social Media Strategy 

You want to do ‘something’ with social media but you don’t know where to begin. You want to prevent shooting in the dark and achieving nothing with all kinds of random messages. That is exactly why a social media strategy is important.

A thoroughly thought through social media strategy is part of your overall marketing plan. It describes how, why and what social media channels you are using. Ask yourself why you are posting a message. Are you aiming for more followers? More traffic to your website? More interaction with your desired target audience? Who do you want reading your message? And what is the ideal channel to reach your target audience?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram or Snapchat?

What medium do you choose? In the Netherlands Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are most popular, when it comes to social media platforms. Each of them has its own target audience, though.

LinkedIn is an interesting option if you mainly target business customers, whereas Facebook makes more sense to reach the consumer market. Which channels are most popular with your taget audience depends internationally.


One of the biggest advantages of a well implemented social media strategy is the ability to set unambiguous, measurable objectives; a clear overview of your target audience and a full understanding of what social media channels are most effective.

Together with you, I will look at what social media strategy is best suited to make your business even more successful.

Are you convinced of the importance of a social media strategy and ready to get started? Contact me now and I’ll help you on your way.